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Genova Italy - in Summer July 2016

These are pictures taken in Genova Italy, summer July 2016.
I went there for business trip, it was my first time visit Italy then of course my first time visit Genova.
I hope this post will able to take you to see Genova as I did, so you can feel like you have visited Genova with me.

Me getting ready for Genova.

I took this pic on Saturday, it was my last day in Genova. This was in front of ATM machine where I tried to withdraw some money to take taxi to the airport. 

These are the menu served for breakfast. 
I didn't try because I had my breakfast in hotel since off course it should better than any breakfast store/ caffe. 

This is a way to the subways. I didn't go there and I didn't take subways in Genova. I took taxi everywhere, yes its more expensive but we have some cash :D 

This is like the down town, where the fancy apartments are and the fancy boutique stores are. 

As you can see I found Gucci store, but I didn't go there because I was just came from Serravalle the day before, which off course the price is soo much better than at this store. 

Outlet store in Genova, but it was still closed. I think the price is ok, but you cannot expect to get the it bag or the new arrival items.
This is just to show how it is to get branded stuff in Genova in a good price. 

Basically the town start operate by 10:00 am, it was before 10:00 am so the town was a bit empty. 

I was trying to get to the fountain, and I found a street with a lot of old buildings, most of them are closed, but some of them are open for public. This one I think it was world bank office.

the ceiling from the same building. 

This is just like 100 meters from my Hotel, first day I saw  I fell in love
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Also when you walk around here, there is a free wifi, its like the city was presented for tourism. 

I took these pics after from work, it was almost 9:00 pm so it was almost dark and empty. 

I saw this store, and I am sure that is Balinese statue. 

View from the Hotel, I stayed in NH Hotel Marina, It is one of the best hotel in Genova. 
I was lucky to be able to stay there more than a week. 
It is located down town, next to the famous Aquarium, it was built on an old/ antique deck/ port. 
Please google to know more about the Hotel, it is highly recommended. 

Some details of Genova. 

this location is just made me fall in love... 

this spot,.. amazing ...
you need to be there to feel what I feel about this spot. 

Me at the biggest aquarium in Genova Italy. 

Tia Doris' Garden

From left to right, me, tia Doris, Jr, Damir, Luis and Daiel (primo).

Mi esposo tia Doris loves to plant fruits and flowers at her back yard.
These are some pictures I took from her back yard.


View from the apartment window (edited)

Taco, I made it by myself. Proudly to say, it was tasty!

Bolivianita stone.

Its actually winter, but in Cochabamba still feels like summer.

Surubi (lake fish). From the picture, if you think its tasty, you are right!

There is a lake in the middle of Cochabamba.

Railway (edited)

City lights bokeh.